adidas large backpack 55481 03 navy ~ white

Product introduction King type sports brand “adidas” box type backpack. [Adidas / Adidas] “Adidas” is the beginning of 1920 when Rudolph of West Germany and Brother Dasler of Adolph established a shoe manufacturing company “Dusler brothers”. My elder brother Rudolph was on sale, my brother Adolf was in charge mainly of production, in 1924 I built a sports shoe manufacturing factory and began making gym shoes in earnest. Their sneakers, reflecting the philosophy of “requiring highly specialized sneakers for each sport,” became a reputation among athletes and became famous by contributing to the achievement at many games. It was. However, in 1948, brothers ‘opinion conflict eliminated “Dusler brothers’ business”, Adolph will establish a new name “Adidas” by taking company name from their own nickname (Adi E Dusler). After that, aiming for improvement of product technology, we continued to improve and “Adidas” grew to become the world’s leading sports equipment manufacturer. “Three stripes (three line)” of the symbol mark that everyone knows was born from the fact that Adolf used for sports shoes for the first time in 1948, and was officially registered as the trademark of “Adidas” the following year . Three stripes extending towards the right represents the challenge toward the future and the achievement of the goal. There are also many long-selling items such as “Super Star”, “Sedan Smith”, “Stance Miss”, “Country”, “Top Sarah”, “Predator” in “Adidas”, and lovers of a wide range of athletes and musicians It is present and it tells the popularity of the popularity of “Adidas” shoes.Main material: Polyester
Surface: Polyester
Available size: B4 size can be stored
Fastener Type: Fasteners
Vertical: 43 cm X Horizontal: 30 cm ~ Machi: 17 cm

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